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Discova was created to allow people to engage better with the millions of startups created each year. Connecting to cutting-edge startups is no longer restricted to Silicon Valley insiders, Venture Capitalists or annual top ten awards. Discova gives you incredible access to the most exciting, innovative and mind-blowing startups from around the world, in your city and even right outside your front door.


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  • Discover New Startups

    Simply search for what you need and Discova will display the best startups for you. As new companies are created every single day, the latest and most exciting startups are constantly added, ensuring you stay completely connected to the most current technologies.

  • Explore The Future

    Hundreds of thousands of start-ups are created around the world each year, designed to solve the most complex problems in society and to make your life better. We let everyone take advantage of them. Companies you’ve never heard of are doing things you never imagined possible. Start-ups are changing the world and Discova lets you join in too.

  • Harness Their Potential

    The huge range of innovative startups featured on Discova gives you the ability to tap into the strong heartbeat of youthful companies existing under the radar and out of the spotlight. We make it easy for you to harness their power in your life.

  • Unlock New Opportunities

    If you’re not searching for anything in particular or just interested in finding out about some of the latest startups, then have a browse through the categories. We guarantee you’ll be amazed at some of the incredible technologies out there.

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You have a great product or service that you want to share with as wide an audience as possible. Discova makes it easy for startups to get noticed and make a real impact on the world. We strongly believe that access to the latest technologies should be for everyone, so there are no complex fundraising details here. Submitting your startup to Discova will ensure you receive more visitors, more customers and ultimately generate more revenue.