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Location: San Jose, CA

Modern Meadow San Jose, CA

Modern Meadow applies the latest advances in tissue engineering to develop novel biomaterials to address some of our most pressing global challenges. The company develop cultured leather and meat products which require no animal slaughter and much lower inputs of land, water, energy and chemicals. Modern Meadow’s scientific team pioneered some of the technologies behind medical tissue engineering and invented a tissue engineering technique based on bioprinting, the 3D assembly of tissues driven by computer controlled processes. Modern Meadow are now applying the latest advances in tissue engineering to culture leather and meat without requiring the raising, slaughtering and transporting animals. From a technical perspective, the approaches integrate innovations in cell culture, biofabrication and bioreactors. The company are working with leading artists, designers and professional chefs to make early samples of cultured leather and meat of the highest quality.

Category: Food
Tags: animal welfare, artificial food, biofabrication, food, meat products