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Keepsafe San Francisco, CA

Keepsafe is an app that creates a private photo vault on your phone, so that you can file away sensitive pictures from others. You can also share photos with others, or send them for a limited time like on Snapchat or Facebook’s Poke app. It offers a cloud photo back-up service that saves your photos in case your phone gets lost or stolen. Users can also create a second fake PIN in case someone else tries to open their private photo vault. Break-in detection also keeps a log of failed log-in attempts which will let you know if someone else tried to access your private photos. Then there’s something they call a “secret door.” This features makes KeepSafe look like a utility app, so that anyone else using your phone can’t tell it’s a secret photo gallery.

Category: Security
Tags: cloud, log-in, mobile, photos, privacy, secret, security